InfraEnergy advises its clients along the entire value chain of a corporation as well as during the various phases of its life cycle . Our approach starts with establishing a financial basis, this ensures a smooth execution of the subsequent transaction. For this process we use many established modules for companies of our core sectors, i.e.:

  • Agreement and definition of financial objectives
  • Disclosure of potential scope for action
  • Benchmarking to peer group companies
  • Conception of adequate capital structures for pre-defined tasks
  • Modelling of capital structures
  • Rating simulation for supporting a planning process
  • Assessment of debt capacity
  • Company valuation
  • Potential-analysis of the various stages of the  entire value chain
  • Execution of sensitivity- and scenario calculations
  • Pre-selection of potential investors and buyers
  • Compilation of teaser presentation for capital raising or selling processes

Together with our clients we develop strategic options regarding adequate capital and transactions structures combined with fitting capital providers or buyers. The execution can then be carried out with confidence having selected suitable investors (equity, hybrid or debt) or through the support of buyers.