Why InfraEnergy Advisors?

Our objective and independent advice is based on long-standing experience, comprehensive expertise and an international industry and energy sector as well capital markets network.

As corporate finance advisors we develop financing and transaction strategies for our clients and create tailored solutions for complex tasks related to all aspects of capital structuring and transactions.

We have a specific sector focus: clean energy, infrastructure, cleantech, energy intensive industries and real estate. Because  of our focused approach we create sustainable and objective value added for our clients, free from any conflict of interests and external influence arising from any capital sales constraints or requirements.

The InfraEnergy Advisors team combines in an exemplary fashion the expertise in the areas of financial advisory, banking and capital markets with that of its senior advisors from the industry and energy sector.



Our Approach

Based on a detailed status and business plan analysis and a comprehensive understanding of our client’s objectives, we work out solution proposals, for example for new financings, structural balance sheet measures and implementation processes.

One important aspect of our approach consists in benchmarking of potential solutions to the current market situation. Derived from a precise analysis of our best practice finance models we are able to simulate transactions and make the outcome transparent.

Because of our many years of experience combined with our comprehensive network in the capital markets we are able to execute the optimal solution for you.